Annoucing our new address: 737 Park Avenue, New York City.

We are excited to introduce our new office, located on the upper east side of Manhattan on Park Avenue.  This state-of-the-art facility will offer our patients top quality safety, privacy, and comfort.   

Plastic Surgery - New York City

Thank you for visiting the website of Dr. Edward Kwak, one of New York's top plastic surgeons.  Dr. Kwak's specialty is limited to facial cosmetic procedures.  We hope from this site you will learn more about Dr. Kwak's practice including rhinoplasty, face lift procedures, youthful eyelid surgery, and ethnic plastic surgery.   Dr Kwak also is one of a few surgeons who focuses on functional nasal surgery such as: deviated septum (septoplasty), endoscopic sinus surgery, nasal valve surgery, septal perforation repair, and broken nose repairs.

We also encourage you to use this site to learn more about traditional facial plastic surgery procedures such as browlift, blepharoplasty, facelift, rhinoplasty and skin treatment.  In addition, we hope this site offers you information on some of the more recently used facial rejuvenation procedures such as: botox, injectable fillers, and skin treatments.  

Besides learning about cosmetic procedures, we also created this site to help you understand the process of having these procedures.  We believe that the best way for you to optimize your results is to choose the right surgeon, to educate yourself on the procedures, and most importantly to enjoy the process!

Facial Plastic Surgery Blog